Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing Catch up

This was our Mother's Day gifts to pass out in church for Mother's Day. We made cute little purses decorated with flowers and added a gift tag and of course filled them with chocolate!! Sorry I don't have a pic of one of the final products, but the YW/YM decorated them and they turned out really cute (and even the guys had fun putting together and decorating them!!).Avery's new favorite thing to do is help vaccumn....and how could it be complete without playing dress up in dress, shoes, and crown! Oh, and that is her vaccumn cleaner with stickers on it.
Bryan let me sleep in one morning and when I woke up he said....'you don't want to know what Avery did'....dreaded words, right?! Well, after guessing a few things he told me how he went out of the room and when he came back there was a handful of hair in the trashcan. Yup, she had cut her own hair........Thank Goodness for culy hair!!! She grabbed a handful of hair on her right side (btw, she has a right sided mullet!)(enough hair to fill a sandwich sized ziplock baggie) and cut away! It was hard to keep a straight face b/c as you can see from the pic she was so proud of herself and I think she just wanted bangs! Of course, she had school pictures the following week!!

Well, one right of passage down....I wonder what the next one will be............


  1. love the hair story! i thought those were the BEST mom's day handouts. that's a crazy amount of time! thanks so much!

  2. Those purses were darling!! Oh, and I'm glad Avery likes to vacuum now. Last time I was over, she was screaming because she didn't like the vacuum!!

  3. it helps that she is naturally beautiful, of course... keeps her out of trouble..haha

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! It was so good meeting you when you came to visit! :)