Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Time

Sherri snuggling with Daddy
The original crew....Bob, Alice, Rex, Neil, Julie, and Steven

some add ons....Emma, Kelsey, Joeli, Cole, Ty, Ian, TJ and Avery

brothers and sister...Neil, Rex, Steven and me

me and Rex
me and Avery
Rex, Joeli and Cole

Emma, Avery and Ian
Joeli, Avery, Cole, Ian and Emma

Steven, Julie, Ian and Emma

Sorry this is long, but this is my journal and I definitely wanted to document this family time we had yesterday before Steven goes back to Afghanistan. We were missing Tommy, who just joined the Army and is in boot camp, Karen, Jace and baby McRae!! We saw all the pics and can't wait to meet the newest baby in the family!! She is too cute! Bryan was working so we missed him too. For our family, getting this many together at one time is amazing!! The cousins had a blast playing with each other!! Good food and good times...can't beat that!

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